January 28, 2022

Are you self-taught?


Another question I always get is regarding film school/going to college for visual arts. A lot of people want to know whether I’m self-taught or went to college for photography/videography. As a testament to technology and the amount of information online- I am a self-taught creative. I always tell people that if they want to get into photography/videography then there is a high learning curve but it’s literally all free and at your fingertips. I pretty much exclusively learn through YouTube. Admittedly, I did go down the Skillshare route for a short while, but I’d say 80% of what I know has been through YouTube. Things like networking with other creatives, finding a mentor, and just doing specific research on subjects have been the other 20%. It’s insane the amount of information out there for FREE. The power of the internet is a crazy thing. One of the biggest tips I’ve gotten is to just keep being hungry for information- the creative industry is constantly changing, adapting, and technology is only getting more complex. As long as you maintain that creative hunger for business and information- you’ll be successful. I’ve talked to a lot of people who spend thousands to go to college for media, and almost all of them have said that they wish they hadn’t. I’d say if you’re wanting to go for a specific thing like cinema (on a Hollywood set) then college might be a better route. However, if you’re wanting to go down the road of a freelance professional - then a lot of information can be found just by typing in the search box.