January 28, 2022

The best camera is...

My .2 Cents

This statement is true for many things in life, but especially a camera. As creatives, we oftentimes put our focus more - so on the gear than the art or usage of the tools we’re given. I’m definitely in the boat with the gear junkies and people who suffer from gear-acquisition syndrome (GAS). The dopamine definitely hits hard when that retail therapy comes into play. However, the grounding ideal is that our gear is only as good as our skill or knowledge of the tool, and that is even secondary to what we have with us. As a firefighter, I’ve come into many situations where there’s a solid photo to be had, but all I had on me was my cellphone. Would the moment have been any “better” with a $5000k camera in my hand? No. The moment would have still been there. The quality may have been higher, but that moment in time that was captured was still taken into a sensor and digitized for viewing down the road. The art is to always have a camera on you… one that you’re proficient with. To me, it’s why shooting on film is so attractive. You have to wait and see what you got, and what was captured is pretty much the photo you have to remember that memory by. So, must my 2 cents... use what you've got.