January 28, 2022

Zoom Lenses vs. Prime Lenses

My .2 Cents

Zoom's vs primes

What’s my go-to when it comes to lenses? It’s an age-old debate whether you should spend your hard-earned money on zoom lenses or prime lenses. In my opinion, it comes down to two things: flexibility of shooting and quality of light. Yes, depth of field is related to the aperture of a lens, but most zooms come in an f2.8 aperture vs a prime lens at 1.4/1.8. Personally, I use my zoom lenses more for the flexibility of shooting and speed at which I can capture images. I can stand in the same spot and get images from 24mm to 70mm without moving. This comes into play at events and when the subject matter is moving quickly (out of my control). However, if the light is terrible, I absolutely have to have high shutter speed (spots and shooting events), but can sacrifice a few shots by having to be stuck at the same focal length, so I’ll choose a prime lens. The sharpness on a prime is marginally sharper, but not enough (in my opinion) to warrant buying primes over zooms outside of the two constraints listed above.

For this year, I'm trying to shoot mostly on primes for the low-light capability. Check out my other post on my kit for a list of the lenses I'm currently shooting with.